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Book your Electric Car now!

By choosing an Electric car you are opting for the future, for the environment, for the possibility to drive without traffic limitations and saving on fuel and regular-engine maintenance.

Why choosing an Electric car?

Respects the environment: Even if for the moment most of the energy needed by electric cars comes from fossil fuels, the future has it coming from clean, renewable energy sources.  The only way to start the transition process to electric-powered vehicles is by their increased demand on the market.
Emission-free: Compared to a hybrid vehicle, even the most ecological, a 100%-electric vehicle produces no emissions whatsoever.
Engine efficiency: compared to a regular combustion engine, which converts to movement only the 35% of the energy produced through fuel combustion (65% gets dispersed under the form of heat), an electric engine converts almost 90% of the used energy to movement.
No traffic limitations: electric cars are not subject to circulation restrictions common in big cities, as limited-traffic areas.
Driver satisfaction: EV-Drivers are definitely more satisfied. The driving experience is totally noiseless and overall more fun.  Accelerations are thrilling and speed is more than satisfying.  You will easily get used to let of of the brake pedal, as the electric engine relies a lot on engine braking, as it converts the braking energy to stored energy needed to operate the vehicle. You will most likely end up using only the acceleration pedal.

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