Medium-Term Rental by credit or debit card - Vasto, Lanciano, Pescara
Pescara - Lanciano - Vasto
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Medium-Term Rental

Rent your car for up to 24 months, you only need a debit or a credit card.

Why choosing the medium-term rental option?

Medium-Term Rental is the most indicated formula for the client that is looking for flexible and mindless options, without sacrificing convenience. Companies and professionals can all benefit extremely from the flexibility offered by this option because it can satisfy any transporting need in very short times and without particular constraints.

The contract-signing procedure is easy and definitely fast, and we need only a few days to have the vehicle ready for pick-up.  The payment for the monthly installment can be made through direct charge on a debit or a credit card, without needing to open any financial file or to show any particular documentation.

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